Risk Of Hepatitis

Hepatitis Leads To Liver Cancer And Failure ! Risks Of Hepatitis

Controlling Hepatitis infection has been a challenge for governments around the world especially in India. But as the saying goes prevention is better than cure, so we are sharing few of the precautionary measures for our users that can keep this infection away.

Basically, Hepatitis is a viral infection that can damage our liver and can even cause liver cancer. Recent findings in India concluded that around 1.5 lakh in India die of Hepatitis every year and almost 60 million people gets affected.

Considering the above findings this is certainly a major issue. Recently many schools from the major cities in India participated in an awareness program on this viral infection Hepatitis including Pune. Here in India very few people are aware of this infection and how it affects our lives.

The damage of liver may start from the infection, alcohol abuse, toxicity, or autoimmune disorder. Through this the liver creates a scar tissue and that doesn’t regenerate.

There are five viral hepatitis strains, among them hepatitis B and hepatitis C are most fatal. Doctors say that the infection may spread through contaminated blood and other fluids, with unsafe blood transfusion, tattoos or dental procedures using sterilized tools, unprotected sex, sharing razor, etc.

As per doctors this strain infection has no cure however it can be prevented by vaccine. Yes the victim needs to get three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine.

In order to check or confirm the Hepatitis C, victim needs to go under testing. Once tests are completed he/she can be treated accordingly. This strain of infection are mostly found in those people who underwent blood transfusions or surgery before 2001. Because at that time blood wasn’t screened for the infection so there is a chance of getting infection.

After the advancement of technology, cure of this infection has improved.

In India, government has found a new way to cure people So, basically a van is installed with the latest equipment, including a fibroscan machine that helps in finding the signs of liver scarring very early.Currently, this will be stationed at Delhi government hospitals and will then be moved to Anganwadi centers and underserved areas to conduct door-to-door screening. Soon, it will be arriving in Pune also You can even

buy medicine online in Pune.