Is there any minimum order requirement ?

No. there is no minimum order requirement. You can place an order worth any amount and we will deliver it to your doorstep without any delivery charges.

Do we always require a prescription for every order ?

MedsOnway has tie-ups with FDA (Food and Drug Association) registered pharmacies, which mandate a valid prescription to process any order for Prescribed medicines. However you can also place the order for OTC (Over the Counter) medicines which do not require any prescription. In case if you are not sure whether the medicine you are ordering is prescribed or not, we request you to tick the checkbox My medicines do not require prescription which you will encounter as you proceed with your order. Once you place the order, our pharmacists will immediately revert back to you if any prescription is required for the order.

Can we order on phone/email/whatsapp or text message.

You can place the order from our mobile application or websites. We regret to inform that we do not accept orders over the phone / text message / email / whatsapp.

What should I do if I want to return my medicines?

MedsOnway offers guaranteed and transparent returns. Please refer to the Returns Policy page for exact details for returns.

Can I order ayurvedic/homeopathic medicines?

We deliver branded Ayurvedic products like Baidyanath/Zandu/Himalaya/Dabur. We are yet to start homeopathic medicines. Please note that ayurvedic medicines being non-prescribed, discounts are subject to variation. In any such case, you will be pre-informed about the same.

Will I get a proper bill for every order?

We tie-up with FDA registered pharmacies which dispense your order for medicines with a valid invoice / bill.

Which areas do you deliver now ?

We deliver all over Pune and PCMC (Pimpri - Chinchwad Municipal Corporation) area.

What is mode of payment ?

We currently accept payments through Cash On Delivery (COD), Card and Online Payment on delivery. In order to pay prior to delivery please call customer care and ask for a payment link.

Do you cater to emergency services/special request orders ?

We do not cater to emergency services or any special request orders. We deliver your medicines within 24 hours of ordering.

With such a discount, no minimum order requirement and delivery charges, how can we be sure whether the medicines are genuine or fake ?

We deliver medicines only with an authentic bill with batch numbers and expiry dates from our partner pharmacy with your order. The bill will have all details from licence no to Sales tax no of the pharmacy which ensure only genuine medicines reach you.

Are the recommended generic medicines safe to use ?

Generic drugs are options that allow greater access to healthcare. They are the same as those brand name drugs in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. You can always consult your doctor and opt for a substitute medicine.

What are recurring orders ?

Recurring orders are standing orders for medicines that you require on a regular basis. Once you put in a recurring order we will deliver it every month / week as per your schedule which can be set by you in the APP. You need not upload the prescription or place another order again. We will inform you as per your schedule and deliver it accordingly.

Do you deliver injections/surgical equipment ?

We will ensure that we make all your medicines available. In case the medicines are not available in the market, we check with the respective company of that particular medicine for the availability. Once we get a confirmation from the company regarding the unavailability, you will be informed immediately so that you can consult your doctor regarding a substitute.

Can I collect my order from your office/pharmacy (if I am on the same way/I want the order early) ?

No. We do not store your medicines in our office. We simply deliver it to you as soon as they are ready at our partner pharmacy.

Do I require a fresh prescription every time I order my regular medicines ?

You require a valid prescription for your order. Once you upload the prescription in the APP, it can be reused for further orders in case of regular medicines, provided it is still valid for the time duration mentioned by the doctor.

Can I order on the website as well ?

Yes. You can place your order on the web as well.

Can I order cosmetics ?

We do not cater to orders for cosmetics as of now.

Can I have multiple addresses for my delivery (office/home/relatives place)

Yes you can choose different addresses for different orders in the App.

Do you recommend any medicines for customers ?

We only deliver Medicines as prescribed by the doctor. We do not provide any recommendations from our side.

Is there any discount for senior citizens ?

We have the same discount for all users. We do not provide any special discounts for senior citizens.

Is there an order tracking system ?

You can check the live status of your order in the My Orders tab on the home screen of our MEDSONWAY APP.